Fall 2021 through Spring 2022 AEG Great Basin Chapter Speaker Roster:

October 14, 2021:

Dr. Michael Gardner, UNR Mackay Professor

Modeling Dynamic Rock-Fluid Interaction Applied to Hydraulic Plucking in Dam Spillways,

November 4, 2021:

Pat Mohn, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Technical Support Engineer

Anaconda Copper Mine Site: Overview and Site Update


December 10, 2021:

Dr. Wendy Calvin, Professor UNR Mackay School

The Mars Sojourner to Perseverance


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January 13, 2022:

Nick Saines, AEG Region 4 Director, Geologist, Naturalist and Author from the Southern Nevada Chapter

A Balanced Look at Precariously Balanced Rocks, With Examples from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

February 10 & 11th, 2022 The Jahns Lecture Series: Richard Wooten, North Carolina Geological Survey

Thursday, February 10th Great Basin Chapter Topic:

Responding to Landslide Emergencies: Communicating with Stakeholders and the Feedback Loop of Preparation, Response, Analysis and Lessons Learned

Friday February 11th UNR Campus Topic:

Debris Flows, Big Slow Movers, and Rockslides: Assembling the Geospatial Legacy of Landslides using Lidar, Drones and Boots on the Ground

March 10, 2022: Bill Goodwin, Immediate 2021-22 AEG National Past President, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Blasting Techniques used in Civil and Mining Projects

April 14, 2022, Student Night (Student Presentations)

Speakers and Topics TBD


October 2021 Great Basin Chapter - UNR Joint Meeting

Michael Gardner, PhD, PE

"Modeling Dynamic Rock-Fluid Interaction Applied to Hydraulic Plucking in Dam Spillways"


Erosion of rock by hydraulic forces is an important element of natural evolution of the landscape and this process can have a significant impact on engineered structures. In his presentation, Dr. Gardner will discuss how the interaction between water and solid rock can be modeled and how this information can be used to construct safer dam spillways.

AEG UNR Student Chapter Pizza Party

Alumni, graduate students, undergraduates, and prospective students alike fellowship and discuss the benefits of being apart of geosciences and the AEG over a slice of pizza

May 2021 Great Basin Chapter - UNR - Souther Nevada Chapter Joint Meeting

2021 Great Basin Chapter - UNR Student Chapter Student Night!

If you weren't able to attend, you can view the student presentations here:

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  • AEG Great Basin and UNR Student Chapters Special Free Seminar:

Assessment of Contaminant Transport Through the Unsaturated Zone at an AMD-Producing Abandoned Tailings Facility in SE Nevada

By Spencer Whitman, 6:00 PM Thursday May 14


Watch the Presentation Here

  • Meet the Professionals Day March 9th, LME 425, 11:45-1PM, RSVP by March 6th

Thanks to those who attended the 2020 AEG Virtual Meeting
Speakers from Wood Rogers, NewFields, BLM presenting to UNR grad and undergrad